Monday, 6 May 2013

How To Set Up A Netgear Wireless Router

In the world of computers, wireless networking is still a relatively fresh and new concept. However, it is catching up very quickly as more and more people are purchasing laptops and tablet computers and therefore, want networking on the go as well, rather than dealing with the traditional wires and cables. Modems have been replaced by routers that can enable wireless networking and can be used on several pcs, laptops, smartphones and tablets at the same time. Numerous companies are manufacturing routers nowadays to people for satisfying their networking needs. Amongst these, the name of Netgear is very prominent. This is a US company that manufactures computer hardware and other networking equipment.

The company also manufactures a wireless router because their trend is developing quite quickly. Setting up a wireless router can be a difficult task for people. Before starting, one needs to understand the steps as a single mistake can cost a lot of time. Luckily, Netgear provides proper instructions for setting up their router so that people can use it without any delays. Here are some of the steps that people should take:

  1. Purchase a Netgear wireless router. The company is known to provide a wide variety of router offerings to its customers. The features of every model vary and so does their price. People have to select a router that meets their requirements and is also compatible with their device.
  2. When selecting a router of Netgear, people should give some consideration to their budget as well. The routers are priced differently and can meet the budget of all individuals. Hence, select a router that falls in your price range. Various retailers offer good deals on these routers.
  3.  The router should be placed in a central location to ensure that the distance to the clients isn’t very long. This can provide a better connection as signals will not be disrupted. Also, consider how the router will be used before placing it into a particular place.
  4. Plug in the Netgear router and wait for a short while until it boots up properly. The router will not work as soon as it’s turned on and takes a little bit of time to get ready. The power light will flash when it’s booting up. However, it will stop blinking and stay solid once it has been booted up completely.
  5. Use a wired or wireless connection for connecting the computer to the router. The computer should be rebooted because it needs to get the IP address of the router through the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

The IP address has to be entered in the address bar of the internet browser being used for opening the web interface. A login screen will be presented where people have to enter a username and password for the router.

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